Rubbish Journal

The posts from a person without another release, hoping to enlighten and brighten through oddly placed words and thought patterns.

The devils number.

"Hello to anyone reading this,
I was thinking; something i do quite often. I thought about the number of letter in my name, my sisters’ Hayley’s name and Rachel, my other sister. What i realize was life altering. Each had 6 letter. there are 3 of us , 6 letters in each make 666. my sisters and 1 are the devils number.

:| scary thought you all better watch out. its like we’re all rosemary’s baby, if that makes sense. lol i’m laughing at myself now for writing this i couldn’t help myself.”

-This is something I pondered about awhile ago. Something I posted on my MySpace approx. three years ago.

  • 14 August 2012